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Quizzes For Civil Engineers

Dear Students,

We, at “Learning Beyond,” in collaboration with SCCC Pvt. Ltd. (Design & Construction Company), are organizing a series of technical quizzes for Structural Engineers & Civil Engineers aimed at evaluating and enriching their knowledge. We encourage you to participate in the quiz.

Please follow the links below to take part in the quizzes.

Thank you for your participation.

Quiz 1: https://forms.gle/vehvU8FGdxUju4a78
Quiz 2: https://forms.gle/cBdoXuGqa2c5DBU27
Quiz 3: https://forms.gle/ADTxYLRDDTYVB5XB8
Quiz 4: https://forms.gle/rzXXQSF9cCBFYL7o6